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“Survival” typically means the practical skills used in an emergency to protect yourself from the elements and getting yourself to safety as quickly as possible. Whereas, “Bushcraft” are skills used to live in the wild, using the resources that nature provides.

Both skill sets compliment each other but, are not entirely the same.

In my Bushcraft and Survival lessons I can cover the following:
- Survival theory and mentality
- Tool safety- saws, axes and knives
- Shelter
- Water purification
- Fire- modern to primitive
- Wild food
- Medicinal plants
- Campfire cooking
- Navigation and map reading
- Signalling for rescue. 

Each experience is custom built for you!

Please email for a quote including following information:
- Your location
- Number and ages of people attending
- What you would like to do and learn.

We covered a variety of techniques for lighting a fire - fire steel, flint and steel, bow drill. He had a very well thought out methodological teaching style progressing from modern into the more primitive skills. Then went on to cover how to look after the fire and how to make it meet different needs. Finished up by cooking up the Chaga mushroom we'd collected earlier into a delicious tea.
Walk back was a friendly chat and relaxed testing of everything we'd covered during day. Overall very happy with how the day went and would recommend Tom for your outdoor needs.

Scott O'Neill

All pictures are my own. Please contact me if you want to use any of them.

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