(5) “Fandabi-Dubh Survival Sgian Dubh- Dark Oak with Brass Large and Circle Pins.



FREE international shipping and "Fandabi Dozi" embroidered patch.


Ambidextrous, suitable for both left and right handed people.


Knife+ Sheath: Oak, brass, leather and steel construction: 19cm long, 5.5cm wide, 2.5cm thick, weighs 143grams.


Knife alone: weights 85grams.


Blade: Made with 01 Carbon steel, 8cm long, 3cm wide, 3mm thick. Notches on Left side.


Handle: 8.5cm cm long, 4cm wide (at hilt) 1.5cm thick.


Inspired by our Highland ancestors to create a knife you want to use every day. The “Fandabi-Dubh Survival Sgian Dubh” brings together the aspects of my favourite bushcraft knives I have tested over the years, but with some iconic design features of the classic Scottish, Sgian Dubh knife.

(5) Dark Oak, Large Brass and Circle Pins, Survival Sgian Dubh

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  • Sgian Dubh (Pr: SKee-ann -Doo) means “Black knife” or “dark knife” in Scottish Gaelic (Sgian=Knife, Dubh=Black/dark). It was the small, everyday carry knife of our Highland ancestors. It was used for everyday tasks such as; cooking, eating, animal preparation, carving, preparing tinder and kindling.

    With this design I have tried to capture the past in a robust, versatile knife you want to use every day.

    The solid oak sheath completely encases the blade and the leather collar provides a very secure, friction hold on the knife. Its simple yet versatile strap system means it can be worn in multiple ways from: on your belt (vertically or horizontally), as a neck knife or armpit knife and its slim design means you can also wear it comforatably in your sock as part of the modern kilt dress.

    Every Fandabi-Dubh has the same blade (made by Steve from “Field and Steel”) and same basic sheath and handle design, but as they are handmade, every one of them is unique in its own way.

    Care and maintenance:

    Handwash in warm soapy water only (DO NOT PUT IN DISHWASHER) After washing, dry fully and apply food-safe oil all over handle and blade.

    Oil blade after being exposed to damp and hone with fine honing stone/ rod. If needing sharpening use wetstones.

    Apply food safe oil to Oak Sheath once in a while (especially after being wet). Treat leather with any beeswax-based leather rub or conditioner.


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