Customise your style of Fandabi-Dubh Survival Sgian Dubh (£50 deposit)


Choose between dark or light oak, dark or light leather, pin design, deer antler, Brass bolster and/ or pummel.


Includes FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING and Fandabi Dozi patch.

Custom Survival Sgian Dubh- You Choose Your Style! £50 Deposit

SKU: Custom
  • Total starting price: For standard oak, brass pin and leather construction: £210 (includes £50 (non-refundable deposit) and FREE international postage and Patch.)

    Choose between: Dark or Light Oak, Dark or Light Leather and Pin designs seen in pictures.

    Personalise more and add additional features to your handle and sheath!:

    Add Deer antler +£20

    Add Brass Pummel +£20

    Add Brass Bolster (Hilt) +£30

    Add Traditionally tanned Red Deer skin to sheath +£15

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