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Our Highland ancestors were masters of survival and had an in-depth knowledge of their land and the natural world around them. A large part of my work is trying to rekindle the knowledge they had and keep it alive for future generations to enjoy.

In these courses I can cover a wide range of topics:

- The multifunctional uses of the Great Kilt (plaid).

- Equipment carried.

- Traditional Fire lighting

- Traditional campfire cooking.

- Gaelic edible and medicinal plants.

 -Gaelic stories, myths and legends.

- Reading the Gaelic landscape. 

- Weapons and martial basics (Dirk dagger, staff and archery).


You can either book a place on one of my Highlander Survival course with Primal Bushcraft and Survival.

Or contact me for a private lesson:

Each experience is custom built for you!

Please email for a quote and include the following information:

- Your location

- Number and ages of people attending

- What you would like to do and learn.

Many thanks for a great weekend on the Highlander Survival Skills Course.  Having a 17th Century theme and location added a great atmosphere to the Bushcraft course.  Despite the Scottish weather apparently rearranging some of the planned itinerary (not that we were aware of it at the time).  We covered a wide range of survival skills. Including – Finding a suitable spot for a night’s bivouac, knife safety, making fire by friction, game preparation for the evening meal, a local wild plant identification and hill walk with an introduction to Gaelic names and meanings then finally carving a wooden dirk.  

  I Would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking for a Bushcraft course with a highland theme. 

John Orr, attendant of the Highlander Course 2019.

All pictures are my own. Please contact me if you want to use any of them.


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