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Wild food foraging is not only fun, but can also teach you a lot about human history and culture too!

There is free food all around us. Join me for a walk and I'll show you what you can eat in your area. I can also cover ways of eating them and recipes for everyday cooking.

Each experience is custom built for you !

Please email for a quote including the following information :
- Your location
- Number and ages of people attending
- What you would like to do and learn.

I reached out to see if he'd offer a bespoke course for me and my wife focusing on fire and foraging.  When we met him he was just as friendly and passionate as he appeared in his YouTube videos. 
The foraging part of the course was done during a walk through a variety of landscapes so we saw a variety of plants and fungi. Tom had lots of information on medicinal uses, edibility, and folklore of everything we encountered. There was one strange looking plant he wasn't sure of and he made a point of researching it and sending me information on it that evening!

Scott O'Neill

All pictures are my own. Please contact me if you want to use any of them.

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