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Finding Meaning through "Bushcraft" and Wilderness Living Skills| We are WILDNESS.
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About "Fandabi Dozi"

My Youtube channel has been a major catalyst in my life and has led me to the work I am doing today. A large amount of my time is still spent filming and sharing videos and short films on the channel.

I cover a wide range of topics including: wilderness living skills, Bushcraft, Survival trips, nature, travel diaries, martial arts, Rewilding, archery, history and my popular “Highlander Survival” series. For me, all these topics relate in one way or another to my main mission: to help people reconnect with our natural and cultural heritage through the practice of wilderness living skills, in order to better understand the human-animal and our place on this planet. 

The video above -We are Wildness- attempts to communicate my driving force for the channel and my work in general. 

How it all started : 

The channel started in 2012 when I made my first ever video from my time in Malaysia.

During my travels there, my friend and I had a running joke about “Fandabi Dozi” (a catch-phrase from a Scottish TV show “The Krankies” meaning “Fantastic”) so when I came to uploading my first video, the phrase was in my head so I named the channel that for a laugh.

In 2014, I filmed my first 3 day survival trip on the west coast of Scotland. The video attracted more attention and views than I expected. So it motivated me to film another trip that summer.

I suddenly found myself really enjoying the film making process and really motivated to continue doing more exciting survival trips and improve my skills. Over the following years I filmed my wilderness adventures on my travels to the Canary Islands, Malaysia, Finland, Australia and New Zealand.

However, my channel didn't start to grow significantly until 2018, when I was inspired to start the “Highlander Survival” series.

The popularity of the series caught me completely by surprise and the number of subscribers increased a hundred fold in less than a year. Now here I am, years later still making videos on my passion for all things wild and the name “Fandabi Dozi” has stuck!

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